Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Dr. Hall recently removed all 4 of my wisdom teeth. The procedure went very smoothly! The staff was very courteous and comforting. It was nice that I was able to fill out all the paperwork online beforehand so I wasn't overwhelmed with paperwork in the waiting room. I had general anesthesia so I didn't feel a thing and wasn't nervous. The procedure took less than an hour. I didn't have any pain for the rest of the day. The recovery was surprisingly easy. I followed Dr. Hall's instructions about rinsing, eating, etc. and had no problems. My swelling was minimal and I never even needed prescription pain medicine (just some Advil). I was able to comfortably eat whatever I wanted less than a week after the procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Hall and the staff at SB Center for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery!

- Hugo G

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