Our Latest Patient Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern, It is with joy and privilege that I share my experience under the care of Dr. David Hall. In 2010 I was referred to Dr. Hall for a tooth problem and possible extraction. In no time Dr. Hall’s office scheduled my appointment. After the routine paperwork, I just wanted whatever needed done to happen without so much delay. The waiting room was quite lit up with a well maintained aquarium gazing the center of the area. That piece of décor is actually quite calming, I should say for anyone, both young and old. As I waited anxiously in the exam room Dr. Hall came in and with an assistant said hello and extended his hands to me. His gesture certainly put me at ease. Dr. Hall was incredibly gentle and patiently explained the procedure and asked me how I was feeling. Before long it was over. I could not be in better hands! With post-op instructions in hand, I was sure that the healing would go well. It was a blessing to have a positive dental experience with Dr. Hall. I do not even recall discomfort during the whole process and thereafter. His professional expertise and remarkable experience is highly commendable indeed.

- Carolina

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