Our Latest Patient Testimonial

As a local dentist whose patients include many individuals with oral surgery needs (especially in the setting of extractions and implants), I have had the occasion to discuss with my patients their experiences with a variety of oral surgeons and to observe the relevant surgical outcomes. When I found myself to be in need of the advice and care of such a specialist, in a challenging setting involving many of my teeth I sought the help of Dr. Bienstock based on the satisfaction expressed by our mutual patients, the success of their treatments, his surgical skills and judgment, the clarity of his communications and for his gentle and caring approach. I continue to treat with him and can endorse without reservation the quality of his care, his adherence to the highest standards of professionalism and his friendly and helpful staff. Santa Barbara is fortunate to have in Dr. Bienstock an oral surgeon of such talent and thorough dedication to his patients.

- Dr. Ingrid Lawaty

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