Our Latest Patient Testimonial

As someone who religiously researches things before getting into them i had avoided getting wisdom teeth out for 6 years, as I was extremely nervous! Then i finally decided to just suck it up and get them done before i moved to out of state. I ended up coming to Dr. Jones purely on the recommendation of my (Amazing best I have ever had in years!) Dentist Dr. Lloyd Suzuki and After years of struggling with medicine and running into mistake after mistake it was/ is rare for me to go with the first recommendation i get. However this surgery was easily most comfortable experience i have had with medicine to date and as a major procedure I totally did not expect this. I sailed through this procedure and recovery in a way I wouldn't have had the arrogance to dream of doing before going into the surgery . Dr. Jones genuinely exceeded expectations all across the board here. Pain (never caused major discomfort and was gone in 3-4 days) Recovery (by day five all that was left was keeping clean very little day to day evidence that i had gotten any surgery at all) Post op care ( once I was concerned i wasnt flushing right and she saw me right away) genuine concern ( she was extremely careful with all aspects of post op care) professionalism I cant recommend her enough and should I have the misfortune of needing surgery again I may very well fly to see the Beinstock office rather than risking it someplace else! ( I hate surgery especially on my mouth !) And all this After getting all 4 teeth done below the gums not one not two but four. Couldnt be happier with this experience! Thank you Dr. Jones!

- Derek M

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